ELFCO Patient Gowns

Patient Gown Uses

  Physicians patients
  Surgeons patients
  Nursing care facilities
  Massage therapy patients
  Gastroenterology patients
  Surgery patients
  Dermatology patients
  Emergency care facilities
  Massage patients
  Therapeutic patients
  Medical equipment
  Veterinarian supplies
  Chemotherapy patients
  Doctor's office patients
  Hospital In/Out patients
  Internal Medicine patients
  Oncology patients
  Pediatric patients
  Pulmonary patients
  Cardiology patients
  Critical care patients
  Medical supplies
  Mental health patients
  Veterinary doctors
  Chiropractic patients
  Convalescent care
  Gynecology patients
  Physical exam patients
  Opthalogy patients
  Plastic surgery patients
  Radiation therapy patients
  Cosmetic surgery patients
  Physical therapy patients
  Massage supplies
  Veterinary hospitals
  School nurses
  Holistic patients
  Geriatric patients
  Obstetric patients
  Neurology patients
  Psychiatry patients
  Radiology patients
  Allergy patients
  Massage schools
  Medical provider
  Veterinary services
  Art supplies
  Paint smocks
  Dental patients

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ELFCO Patient Gowns has been specializing in high quality patient gowns and patient care products nationwide since 1979.  Our patient gowns' time-tested features allow for ease of examination, while providing patient dignity, confidence and comfort.  These medical care products are appropriate for use both in hospitals, clinics and in other patient care sites.  See our detailed patient gown uses to the left.










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